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Transfer of the family business is a continuing process. One can hire specialists to deal with financial and fiscal-legal regulations but Johan Lambrecht explains why the soft elements of the process must be addressed and fostered by the family

Ignoring the strategic landscape of the business itself, family firms can focus too heavily on leadership transition because of emotional reasons, says Andrew Keyt. Has succession overshadowed the harder long-term business goals?

There’s no shortage of findings that suggest family businesses have their work cut out in terms of succession planning.


When PricewaterhouseCoopers launched its survey of Irish family businesses earlier this year it found the key threat to all family businesses was succession, and yet only 51% of Irish family bus­inesses have a formal succession plan in place. PwC’s Paul Hennessy and Dermot Reilly explain why

Being an entrepreneur and running a family business can be lonely but women simply can’t afford to be unproductive, which is why so many of them excel at their task at hand

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