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GOVERNANCE: long-term success

It takes a lot more than entrepreneurial spirit to sustain a family and its long-term business success – vision, values and planning also play a role. The key, as Amy Braden discovers, is integrating them

UPDATE AND IMPACT: research centre for entrepreneurship

Johan Lambrecht and Diane Arijs are respectively director and scientific researcher of the Research Centre for Entrepreneurship, EHSAL-KU Brussel in Brussels.

"Any fool can make a fortune. It takes a man of brains to hold on to it after it is made."

The globalisation of world economies means many family businesses must grow strategically to survive. More often than not, the growth capital requirements of the family firm clash with the liquidity and control needs of the family shareholders. What to do? Francois de Visscher explains

Choosing between legacy and liquidity

Finland may be a small country overshadowed by its dominant neighbour Russia, but has a tenacious family business sector powering a stable economy. Krista Elo-Pärsinnen reports

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